Global climate change awareness and public pressure has sparked an energy transition. The need to change our reliance on fossil fuels to a clean energy economy has never been greater. However, without the support of a stable policy framework, the energy industry is unable to invest in innovations that will facilitate the next generation of energy. 

Why attend?

Next Generation Energy, is the platform for policy makers and the renewable energy industry to meet, collaborate and develop strategies for affordablesustainable and secure energy of the future. This two day event will:

EXPLORE the future composition of the energy mix and how it will be impacted by policy. 

DEBATE the role and responsibility the energy sector has in ‘cleaning up’ transport sector. 

DELIVER insights into the best way to develop policy that drives demand.


Windpower Monthly, the foremost authority in the wind power industry, and ENDS Europe have partnered to bring you content that will look into how wind can interplay with the broader energy sector. Encouraging collaboration, Next Generation Energy will facilitate cooperation between wind, solar and other clean energy producers. 

why is this event important?


A Forum For Collaboration

A core purpose of the Next Generation Energy is to bring together policy makers, investors and clean energy industry leaders to collaborate, debate and develop better policy frameworks in order to help the industry combat the dual challenge of satisfying increasing energy demand whilst reducing GHG emissions. With this core purpose in mind we have designed the two days to give you the most opportunity to meet, develop relationships and share best practice with other industry stakeholders.

Insights You Can’t Find On the Internet

With sessions hosting debates, panel discussions, quick fire presentations and opportunities to ‘ask the experts’, the content available at Next Generation Energy goes beyond what is you read after receiving a google alert. Nowhere on the internet will you find some of the key industry leaders and policy makers debating the future of the energy industry side-by-side and in front of your eyes with the opportunity for you to be a part of it.

The Renewable Energy Mix & Future Disrupters

Whilst Windpower Monthly is rooted in the wind power industry, Next Generation Energy is focused on the broader energy mix. It is a platform designed to facilitate collaboration between wind power, solar power and other clean energy producers whilst also considering how different renewable energy technologies interplay with the latest innovations that are positioned to disrupt the perceived future energy mix.

Innovation & Technology

At the heart of the renewable power sector is the technology and the innovations that make the turbines, solar panels and other forms of renewable energy more efficient to generate higher capacities and be more cost competitive. Next Generation Energy is the platform for you to discover these technologies and innovations that are going to shape the future of the energy industry.

Tailor Your Content To You

Interested in the upcoming supply of clean energy or more interested in changing demand within the sector? With 2 streams of content running throughout the two days of the conference you can tailor your days to what you want to know. Moverover, if you find that you don’t want to sit in one of the sessions you are able to use our meeting village to catch up on emails and meet with other industry stakeholders giving you the freedom to get the most out of your two days.

Integrity & Independence

As Windpower Monthly is an independent organisation and not a lobbying or member body we are able to deliver a balance of expert perspectives expressing alternative few points. Windpower Monthly has delivered independent expert opinions for the last 35 years and will continue to do so in all forms of content it delivers including Next Generation Energy.