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9th june 2022


09:30 – 09:40

OPENING REMARKS – Chairperson’s opening comments

A welcoming introduction from the conference chairperson, providing a thematic overview of the day, as well as additional details for all attendees

09:40 – 10:10

KEYNOTE- Full speed ahead – Accelerating towards Net Zero

With the spotlight firmly placed on the necessity of Net Zero/Positive energy consumption, many are looking to the energy sector to dictate the terms of next generation energy solutions. With oly 10% of global energy consumption coming from renewable sources, where can this acceleration be nurtured most effectively? Who should be held responsible in leading this charge? How can the supply chain and solution providers streamline to better support?

Tomas Karberger, Executive Chairman, Renewable Energy Institute

10:15 – 10:45

In the spotlight – Ambitions for COP27

Given that only 20% of all global energy subsidies are given to renewable providers, a number of questions remain ahead of the next conference. What barriers exist to the adoption of wider renewable sources? How can additional investment be used to stimulate increased innovation? How should regulators and governments act as a catalyst to ensure renewale energy souces are capable of scaling to increased demand?


Manish Hatwar, Director, Product Porfolio Management, GE Renewables

10:50 – 11:20

PRESENTATION- Maximising the utility of Purchase Power Agreements (PPA)

As the industry moves towards greater adoption of renewable energy sources, ensuring the future financial viability of clean energy. What is the long term value of PPA’s to the sector as a whole? What should operators be looking for when considering them? Can a comprehensive audit of existing networks reduce the industry’s reliance on fossil fuels, whilst achieving savings?


Alexandre Soroko, Head of PPA Advisory, Greensolver

11:20 – 11:50  INTERMISSION

11:50 – 12:20

PANEL- The Future Energy Investment Environment and Recovery Funding 

Given the recent oil price explosion, are investors looking to diversify from oil and gas and invest in renewables? What is needed to implement the right investment framework to support the growth of the wind power industry? Preparing for the upcoming M&A cycle: a look at the developing wind and solar majors and their financial ratings? How will these new majors change the future dynamics of the industry given their synergies and advantages in being a major?


12:25 – 13:25

SPOTLIGHT- 6 Minutes, 6 Slides, 6 Innovations

6 slides. 6 minutes. 6 innovations to showcase the innovative solutions leading the market from our industry trailblazers. Each presenter will only have 6 minutes and 6 slides to demonstrate their innovation.

Once all have presented, the conference chair will lead a moderated live Q&A to give delegates the chance to ask our speakers any and all questions they may have.

13:30 – 14:00

CAST STUDY- Balancing Act – Retooling your workforce

The next generation of energy solutions ill likely require a radically altered workforce to support its generational expansion. What are the strategies for re-skilling workforces to target both profitability and net zero ambition in 2050? Where are the key skill gaps that still require addressing? Employment growth in the renewable energy industry: what can the industry do to upskill and integrate the newly unemployed?

14:00 – 14:30  INTERMISSION

14:30 – 15:00

PRESENTATION – The promise of reliable, renewable energy – an offshore game changer

Floating Power Plant has teamed up with TechnipFMC to design a platform that combines wind and wave energy with hydrogen storage. The platform will be able to store up to 300 MWh as hydrogen, which can be transformed back into electricity or exported for green fuel. When used as a battery it helps with one of the biggest challenges for renewable energy: intermittency. This will enable a unique promise of reliable, renewable energy for offshore or weak-grid locations such as O&G-platforms or island communities.

Anders Køhler, CEO, Floating Power Plant

15:05 – 15:35

Beyond securing supply – Next generation solutions leading through the energy crisis

Is the fate of the renewable energy industry reliant on the government investing into electrification projects to increase demand in the longer term? With forecasts of GDP growth for fully electrified and green societies, what can the industry do to position itself to deliver this growth?

Jing Liu, Director, Sector Lead – Power, Utilities, Metals & Mining, Global Structured Finance EMEA, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

15:35 – 15:45

CLOSING REMARKS- Chairperson’s closing comments

A welcoming introduction from the conference chairperson, providing a thematic overview of the day, as well as additional details for all attendees


Close of conference

Day 2 – 4th June

10:00am – 10:30am

Insights & Understanding the Thinking Presentation: Upcoming Auctions & Developments: Growth & Policy for the Sector

Brian Gaylord,  Southern Europe & LatAm Wind Market Analyst, Wood MacKenzie

10:35am – 11:15am

The Big Debate: To Repower or Not to Repower?

  • Does repowering actually make financial and technical sense as a practical end of life strategy?
  • What planning considerations come into play when looking at repowering?
  • Can you compare retrofitting PVs to repowering a turbine? What are the different implications?
Moderator: Daniel Liu, Principal Analyst, Power and Renewables, Wood Mackenzie 
Ivan Komusanac, Markets & Wind Energy Technology Analyst, Wind Europe
Peter Spengemann, Director Repowering, WPD

Lunch & screen break 

2:00pm – 2:20pm

Case Study: Beyond Corporate PPAs: Working with Corporations in Innovative Ways

Barry Thompson, CEO & Co-Founder, Alpha 311

2:25pm – 2:55pm

Presentations: What Incentive do Independent Power Producers Have to Add Renewable Energy Capacity if Capex on coal is cheaper?

Phillip Tatoro, CEO & Founder, IntelStor

3:00pm – 3:45pm

Panel Discussion: Optimising Revenue Streams: How Can You Make the Most Out of Your Asset?

  • Best practice for data and data analytics to optimise your fleet
  • How do secure more data in order to improve your analytics and understanding?
  • Hedging tools & Spot Pricing: How do you protect revenues when the wind doesn’t blow?
  • When you subcontract the primary services, you put a lot of trust in those providers. Poor decisions by them may take a while to surface – either at the end of life or at divestment. How do you balance that trust with the right level of oversight?
    Ingo Ermel, Investment Manager, Encavis AG
    Christophe Lepaysan, CEO, Epsiline
    Stuart Donnelly, Head of Smart Energy, Falck Renewables 
    Matthew Lennie, Machine Learning Engineer, Renewable Energy, Spire Weather
    Michael Wilkinson, Chief Product Officer,Utopus Insights


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