What's in store

Whilst the agenda is still not quite ready we thought we would share some key features that will make up the core of our content streams 

‘Off the record’ roundtables and virtual meetings with audio and visual

Presentations will be limited to 20 minutes in order to give you clear snapshots of actionable data

Ask the Experts & Debates with the You Driving the Conversation through Polls and Voting

Pecha Kucha Style Technology Spotlights (6 mins and only 6 slides)

9:30 – 9:45am

Welcome Remarks from Windpower Monthly & Explanation of the Features of the Digital Platform

9:45 – 10:05am

Ministerial Welcome Remarks & Industry Update

Claude Turmes, Minister of Energy and Minister of Spatial Planning, Government of Luxembourg

10:10 – 10:35am

Presentation: Macroeconomic Outlook & The Impact of the Crisis on Commodities 

Marc Ostwald, Chief Economist &  Global Strategist, ADM Investor Services International

10:40 – 11:00am

Presentation: Visualisation Techniques for a New Windpower Reality & Science Fiction Thinking

Rune Kirt, CEO & Partner, Kirt X Thomsen

11:15 – 12:00pm

Panel Discussion: Beyond securing supply and working safely – What is the role of the energy industry in getting out of this crisis?
  • Is the fate of the renewable energy industry reliant on the government investing into electrification projects to increase demand in the longer term?
  • With forecasts of GDP growth for fully electrified and green societies, what can the industry do to position itself to deliver this growth
  • Employment growth in the renewable energy industry: what can the industry do to upskill and integrate the newly unemployed?

(Moderator) Marion Labatut, Deputy Director European Affairs, Head of the Brussels Office, EDF

Lindsay McQuade, CEO, ScottishPower Renewables

Eric Scotto, Chairman & Co-Founder, Akuo Energy

Ana Maria Sanchez Infante, Policy Officer, EU Commission

12:00 – 1:30pm 

Lunch Break 

1:00 – 1:20pm

What is needed from a legislative Initiative for Reliable and Adequate Renewable Energy Supply?

Hans-Josef Fell, President, Energy Watch Group, author of Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)

1:30 – 1:55pm

Presentation: Pathways to a Clean Energy Future

Michael Bloss, MEP, European Parliament

2:00 – 2:45pm

Panel Discussion: The Future Energy Investment Environment and Recovery Funding
  • How can recovery investments be streamlined to push forward the decarbonisation agenda?
  • Given the recent oil price crash, are investors looking to diversify from oil and gas and invest in renewables? 
  • What is needed to implement the right investment framework to support the growth of the wind power industry?
  • Preparing for the upcoming M&A cycle: a look at the developing wind and solar majors and their financial ratings
  • How will these new majors change the future dynamics of the industry given their synergies and advantages in being a major?

Jing Liu, Director, Sector Lead – Power, Utilities, Metals & Mining, Global Structured Finance EMEA, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Tom McCarty, Investment Associate, Octopus Investments

Charlie Wright, Senior Investment Manager, Foresight

3:00 – 3:45pm:

Panel Discussion: Wind Production & Demand in the ‘New Normal’: Project delays, CAPEX Concerns, Diversification and Rapid Digitalisation
  • International supply chains slowing down projects, what impact will this have on the wind and solar capacity coming online over the coming years? 
  • For the wind power industry, will the cost of delays somewhat be mitigated by the cheaper cost of steel?
  • Will we see increased modulation of wind turbines and PVs and thus resilience of assets in order to shield future supply chain challenges?
  • Reality of diversifying from oil: is it lip service or are majors using this crisis to truly change the shape of the energy industry?

Thomas Kaberger, Chair of Executive Board, Renewable Energy Institute

Thiago Barral, President, EPE Brazil

3:45 -4pm

Closing Remarks