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Spire Global


Spire Weather is the trusted source for wind farms across the world. Spire Weather is a satellite-powered global data company offering high resolution and advanced weather solutions for the renewables industry. With our proprietary constellation of 100+ satellites, we are able to uniformly observe global weather patterns, including under-observed areas, remote locations, and high altitudes, letting you develop renewable infrastructure in ideal locations and enabling offshore operations anywhere in the world. We offer customised access to weather data and analytics in easy-to-use APIs giving you the global weather data you need to fuel your models, optimise operations, and drive profitability. 

Next Generation Partners



Epsiline is a french innovative SME with a high expertise in the optimization of wind turbines performances since 2009.  Cutting-hedge tools are supplied to wind farm owners to monitor and enhance their performances and revenue.

Today, Epsiline provides solutions to the global wind industry, keeping a fine balance between high-end technology and the economic reality of wind farms.

The solution designed by Epsiline is the WindEagle, it is an all-in-one measuring and diagnosis solution for wind turbine optimisation and monitoring.
With a compact design and a simple installation process, the WindEagle solution leads to much bigger gains than scada-based software solutions and higher ROI.

Utopus Insights


Utopus Insights is an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of Vestas. We are a data driven software company that delivers analytics for the renewable energy industry to optimise maintenance activities and extract additional revenue.

Our ‘digital intelligence’ leverages the power of advanced data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence to unlock fresh insights from vast amounts of IoT data.

Headquartered in New York, with development centers and sales presence across North America, Europe and Asia, we seek to accelerate an era of reliable, clean and cost effective energy worldwide.


Interested in getting involved and showcasing your work and expertise? Simply drop a note to George or Vangie with details of your work, your contact information and the best time to get in touch. We will then contact you to discuss how we can work together to move your ideas forward.

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