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By bridging the gap between technology and business, engineering and management, KIRT x THOMSEN collaborates with the most disruptive clean-tech businesses, enabling them to solve their wicked innovation challenges. As an award-winning strategic innovation and design consultancy, KxT offers design-led solutions to support and accelerate the innovation processes by transforming complex technical knowledge into a shared visual language for various stakeholders.

Extensive 10 years expertise backed up with 150 innovation projects in the sustainable energy industry empowers KxT to become a credible partner to provide clarity and shared vision in different stages of innovation management by using design, co-creation, and visual communication tools. Their portfolio encompasses diverse collaborations together with Ørsted, Vestas, GE Renewables, AREVA, EE Energy, Bladena, OceanSky Airships, etc.


Interested in getting involved and showcasing your work and expertise? Simply drop a note to George with details of your work, your contact information and the best time to get in touch. We will then contact you to discuss how we can work together to move your ideas forward.

George Johnstone

Commercial Director